OSCAR & NiQOO: “The Revenant” Movie, A Wall-art For Your Living Room

As a movie fan, I was impatiently looking forward to the release date of The Revenant. The movie was directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, which I have always adored for his great movies from Amores Peros to Birdman and also Leonardo DiCaprio played the leading role who proved that he is carefully choosing the movies he is going to act in. After I watched the movie, I learned that my excitement was not unreasonable and it was definitely worth watching. However, while I still enjoyed the movie very much, I had a different experience than what I was expecting and it kind of opened up a new door to the magic of cinema to me.


Before I start talking about my experience and point of view, let me briefly remind you what was the movie about. A frontiersman, called Hugh Glass, on a fur trading expedition in the 1820s fights for survival after being mauled by a bear and left for dead by members of his own hunting team. The movie is about men versus nature, it is about revenge, family, life, survival.


After watching the movie, for some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I was wondering why. The story was very simple and nothing special. The old cliche of Hollywood, do whatever it takes to get revenge. We have seen it over and over from Western movies, Rocky, and Bruce Lee movies to Kill Bill (in a more artistic way). But I was still amazed watching The Revenant and kept thinking about it. Somehow in a strange way, I had a good feeling about it. Why? What was in it that I couldn’t leave behind?


I had to step back a bit. I had to remove the meaningless parts of the story from my mind and see what’s left. I had to see what touched me. And that was the moment that I’ve found it.


It was the touch that kept my mind busy. It was the touch of the art created by the cinematographer, Emmanuel Lubezki. In The Revenant, the camera is playing a critical role. Some critics say, Inarritu and Lubezki try to show the greatness of nature against human. Some other say, the camera is the eyes of God in the movie. And I personally believe that in this movie, the camera is the soul Hugh Glass’s wife who follows him and support him in all difficulties.


But no matter which of them are correct, I truely believe that it is not Leonardo DiCaprio who is the leading role of this movie. It is the camera and DiCaprio tries his best to keep up with it. Just look how smooth the camera is rolling and showing us the beauty and greatness of nature. It seems Lubezki loaded his camera on the wind and left it to go wherever it takes it


Recently, Emmanuel Lubezki shared some of the photo of this journey in his Instagram.

As I mentioned earlier, I had a different experience watching this movie. We enjoy the beauty of different type art everyday in our life and in many cases, there is no logic behind it. When you watch a beautiful photo and feel astonished or when you listen to a music and get goosebumps, you just feel so good, but you don’t why or how. The reason is that the greatest art are those that touch your heart and in order to touch your heart, it doesn’t need any logic. Logic is for your brain.


I don’t see The Revenant as a movie that you watch and think about the story, characters or narration. I see it as a movie that you just need to stare and get lost. You should hang The Revenant on the wall of your living room as a piece of art and just enjoy! That’s it!

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